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Women Still Waiting on Our Rights

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As a veteran of the feminist movement I have always stated that the song remains the same for women. I have come to believe that after all the marching, sign holding, sit-in-ing, media-reported statements of, "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle," we achieved one thing.

Did we punch and break the glass ceiling? Well, no. Did we equalize pay and change the 70 cents a woman receives to a man's dollar for doing the same job? Not a chance. Did we stop sexual harassment on the job? Not in my ongoing experience with my fellow workers. It is still common practice and silently endured by both genders who will not risk losing their job by filing a complaint. We still don't ask and we still don't tell. Playground justice continues to be a familiar reality of our lives.

So what, when the dust settled, did we get? After much reflection and personal experience, I have but one answer to offer. We got a second job with no perks. Not only do we still fry that bacon up, we are now required to go out and make the bacon and bring it home. Men still leave and females raise the children left behind. No, it is not fair my fellow tired, stressed, underpaid, over worked single mothers. How much of our life is?

We single working mothers will always shoulder the burden because our options are the same as our mothers, our grandmothers and all females with children to raise. Even after all these years, our only choice is to feed, cloth, house, educate and nurture our young. It is hardwired into our brain to not only ensure the continuation of our species but to pick up the slack when the inseminator (that would be known as the male parent) decides to disappear from our lives.

That is not a personal judgment on my part concerning any lack or complete absence of character by the male gender. It is simply a statement supported by fact.