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Citizens Unite!: The Source Weekly’s 2012 Election Guide

A lot of people believe that we’re at a pivotal time in our political history. We’re inclined to agree. It seems that Americans are drifting to opposite poles both politically and socially. For that reason, it’s crucial that voters know who they are sending to city hall, the statehouse and the White House. The problem, of course, is that even as it appears we are more polarized, it’s harder and harder to know just what candidates stand for on either side of aisle. Between scripted debates, focus group-tested talking points and “fair and balanced” reporting, it’s hard to cut through all the bullshit.

As usual, we’re here to help. Beginning with this issue and over the next 10 weeks, we’ll be serving up a mix of election-related news, endorsements and interviews that will help Source readers determine which candidates represent their best interests and which ones represent special interests. As always, we’ll be grilling candidates for local, regional and state office in preparation for providing this coverage. If you have questions or issues for candidates, don’t hesitate to send them our way and we’ll put them to the politicians. In the meantime, stay tuned as our news and editorial staff zeroes in on the candidates and issues that are defining this year’s campaigns.

We’ll see you in the trenches.

Eric Flowers, editor

The Races to Watch This Year

• District 27 state senator: Geri Hauser (D) v. Tim Knopp (R)

• 55th District state rep: John Huddle (D) v. Mike McLane (R)

• 54th District state rep: Nathan Hovekamp (D) v. Jason Conger (R)

• Secretary of state: Kate Brown (D) v. Knute Buehler (R)

• State Treasurer: Ted Wheeler (D) v. Thomas Cox (R)

• President: Barack Obama (D) v. Mitt Romney (R)

• House District 2: Joyce Segers (D) v. Greg Walden (R)

• Deschutes County Circuit Court Judge, 11th District, Position 2: Beth Bagley v. Andy Balyeat

• Deschutes County Commission: Alan Unger (D) v. Tom Greene (R)

• Bend Park and Recreation District: This $29 million bond measure would help complete the river trail, fund an ice rink, allow safe passage for floaters under the Colorado Bridge, and create new parks around the city among other projects.

• Measure #80:  Allows personal marijuana, hemp cultivation and use without a license, and creates  a commission to regulate commercial marijuana cultivation and sales.

• Measure #81: Prohibits commercial non-tribal fishing with gillnets in Oregon "inland waters," but allows use of seine nets.

• Measure #82: Amends the Oregon Constitution and authorizes the establishment of privately-owned casinos. Mandates percentage of revenues payable to dedicated state fund

• Measure #85 Amends the Oregon Constitution to allocate corporate Income/excise tax "kicker" refund to additionally fund K through 12 public education.

Bend City Council

Position 1 – (currently held by Tom Greene)

Victor Chudowsky

Wade Fagen

Barb Campbell

Position 2 – (currently held by Jeff Eager)

Charles Baer

Edward McCoy

Edward Barbeau

Doug Knight

Position 3 – (currently held by

Kathie Eckman)

Kathie Eckman

Ron (Rondo) Boozell

Sally Russell

Position 4 – (currently held by Jim Clinton)

Jim Clinton

Mike Roberts

Redmond City Council


George Endicott (incumbent)

* no challenger

City Council

Joseph W. Centanni

Anne Graham

Camden King

Ginny McPherson

Ed Petersen

*Top three vote-getters will assume the three available positions.