Get Spooked! Stream one of my Halloween albums. | The Source Weekly - Bend

Get Spooked! Stream one of my Halloween albums.

Stream the eerie avant garde sounds of ERAAS' debut album and let me know what you think.

In this week's issue of the Source, I shared a handful of albums that perhaps mostly just in name are appropriate for the Halloween season. The exception to that was the self-titled debut from Brooklyn duo ERAAS

Born out of two remaining members from long running avant garde rock group APSE, what ERAAS does is keep their legacy of dark emotional music  going. Their sound is truly haunting and perfect for sharing around the holiday. Don't believe me? Try sitting in a dark bedroom with a single candle flickering across the room and see if your significant other lets you get away with it for more than five minutes. 

Truthfully though, there is much more to this album than scary music. It's spiritual and it's raw. It's also quite beautiful. Listen to the record below and see if you agree.