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Best Music Videos of 2012

Get spooked
  • Get spooked

There were some sweet music videos released in 2012. Way more than I had time to watch. Throughout the year I tried to stay on top of them and even posted some here on BENT.

From what I was able to view, here are the top five videos of 2012.

1. "Deja Vudu" by Aaron & The Sea

I posted this video earlier this year under the heading "The most intense music video I've ever seen." Nothing has changed— it still is. This video gives me the chills. The climax is crazy and the subtle visuals create a ton of drama. There's not much else to say. Aaron & The Sea struck video gold with this one. Just don't watch it before going to bed. (oh... and I know it was technically posted in 2011, but the album came out this year... so I'm counting it.)

Aaron & The Sea - Déjà Vudu from Aaron & The Sea on Vimeo.

2. "Claire De Lune" by Flight Facilities

This is another one I posted maybe a month ago. It's pretty ethereal. I don't want to just tell you what the video and song have to say. So just give it a watch. Even if you can't figure our the message, by the end of the video you will have at least felt something. It's likely to be a giant pit in your stomach. Oh and by the way... this gem came to me from my friend over at Let Your Ears Decide. Check her out.

3. "Oh Canyon" by Fenster

This video is definitely done in a classic Wes Anderson style. And while the song ends up being a bit disjointed because of it, the substance of the video is pretty cool. In short, it has to do with sending animals into space.

4. "Cut The World" by Antony & The Johnsons

All you need to know is that Willem Dafoe gets his throat cut.

5. "Sunloathe" by Wilco

A wickedly creative animated video from my favorite band of all time. I'm not really sure what the monsters are doing. But I love their faces.

Honorable Mentions:

"The Way It Is" by Denver: Nothing like a little play on the movie Road House.

"Hallways" by Islands: I just love the dancing skeletons.

"Who" by David Byrne and St. Vincent: A little dark and a little fun all at the same time. What else would you expect?

"Roll With The Times" by Tumbleweed Wanderers: Another one I wrote about just a couple weeks ago actually. These guys are fast becoming one of my favorite bands and I love this video.