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Beer of the Week: Descender IPA

Great label too. Paperless!
  • Great label too. Paperless!

This is a great beer. Great because at 70 IBUs, it's a balanced NW IPA.
GoodLife didn't fall under the we-must-make-the-hoppiest-damn-beer-you've-ever-tasted spell that seems to have afflicted so many fine brewers in our region.

I've been on an IPA break since summer. For me, fall is fresh hop season, which gives way to pilsner, Saison and German lager season, which turns into stout season come winter. There isn't much science behind this kind of beer drinking, but it keeps me psyched on certain beer styles.

SO. Having taken the last few months off from IPAs, I was pumped to give the Descender, available year round, a go. So was everyone else. Editorial staffers cracked this thing on Tues. night after we signed off on this week's paper. We were pleasantly surprised.

The 7% ABV Descender IPA is what you want from an IPA—a little citrus, orange-y color, solid head, punch, without being stupidly bitter.

Not surprisingly, it was also well reviewed on, with a BA score of 93. And just so you don't think they give high scores to EVERYBODY, check out this crappy beer.

Hops=good. Too much hops=not good.