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Solidarity! Cascadia Around Town

We are Cascadia! After talking to the makers of Occupied Cascadia this week, we've noticed Cascadian flags popping up everywhere. Adopted by the Portland Timber's Army, on the label of Secession Cascadian Dark Ale by Portland's Hopworks Urban Brewery, and even all over Bend! All over might be an overstatement, the flags are mostly in downtown, but we're still stoked to see local businesses supporting the movement.

The Cascadian flag, also known as "The Doug" was created in 1994 by Portland native Alexander Baretich. The blue represents sky and the Pacific Ocean, the white represents clouds and snow, and the green represents the forest. If you love it as much as we do, you can buy a Doug for $24 here.

The Doug at Crow's Feet Commons.
  • The Doug at Crow's Feet Commons.

Here's "The Doug" at Crow's Feet Commons. They're repping the cause with their little bikey-bird logos across the flag. Awesome!

Cascadia, flying high.
  • Cascadia, flying high.

We bet you haven't noticed this Cascadian flag, flying above the TBD Loft.

Thar she blows, The Doug in downtown.
  • Thar she blows, The Doug in downtown.

It's pretty inconspicuous from afar, but look close and you'll see the beloved Doug flying right in Bend's downtown.

We also have seen the flag at the Horned Hand, hanging in the middle of the bar amongst local art and taxidermy animal heads.

If you see another Doug, let us know! Snap a photo and send it in.