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Waldo Lake Decision to Come Out of Salem on Wednesday

Today the Register Guard reported this:

Advocates who want to ban seaplanes from landing on Waldo Lake are organizing a carpooling effort to head to Salem on Wednesday for a hearing on a bill banning motors on the lake.

But critics of the bill also are making themselves heard.

Senate Bill 602, sponsored by 36 lawmakers, including many from Lane County, would add Waldo to the state list of lakes where use of any motor — boat or seaplane — is banned, except by law enforcement and other similar agencies.

The bill would take effect immediately upon the signature of the governor.

It also would finally settle whether seaplanes can land on the lake.

The state Marine Board previously adopted rules banning boats from using internal combustion engines on the lake.

However, the state Aviation Board, under temporary rules, allows seaplanes to land on the lake. The Aviation Board is considering permanent rules that would continue to allow seaplane landings on the lake, with some restrictions.

A state law would override any such rules.

Advocates for a ban on seaplane landings said they plan to head to Salem en masse to testify.

Kayakers, canoers and others have pushed for years to ban fuel-powered motors from the lake, located on the western slopes of the Oregon Cascades east of Oakridge. The motors are noisy and pose pollution risks, advocates say. Plus, people with motorboats can use hundreds of other Oregon lakes where motors are legal, they point out.

Follow the action at Save Waldo Lake.