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Win Tickets to Rolling Stones Film Charlie is my Darling

The Beatles vs. Rolling Stones debate is considered rock and roll's greatest rivalry. It is so hotly contested that entire books have been written on the topic, and a response can be considered indicative of the core of a person's character. I've reconsidered dating men based on their answer, especially if his answer was, "Oh, I don't care."


Charlie is my Darling, an hour-long documentary that follows the Rolling Stones on a short tour through Ireland in 1965, features a rare cross-over, Mic Jagger and Keith Richards in an Irish hotel room covering Beatles tunes.

This scene, along with rare stage footage of the band's early concerts—one that ends in a near riot as fans rush the stage—is a treat for any Stones fan and is generally entertaining to boot even if you fall on the Beatles side of the debate.

Comment with your favorite Rolling Stones song (videos encouraged) and we'll give away two pairs of tickets to the showing of Charlie is my Darling Oct. 7 at the Tower Theatre, 7 pm.
We will contact the winners via email on Monday.