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What In The World?

Late season tornados tear apart Illinois. Reporting on NPR's "Morning Edition," one man in central Illinois explained that when he looked out his window, he saw leaves flying horizontally and, then, "I seen the tornado." He hid with his girlfriend in the bathtub, and the winds blew the roof off the apartment building. Six people have reported been killed.

Continuing Unfolding News About Spying. This morning, the Supreme Court turned away a challenge to the federal government's policies on electronic surveillance, leaving the matter to be resolved by Congress. In that arena. Sen. Ron Wyden, pride and joy of Oregon, continues to champion for more transparency and more restrictions on the federal government.

Cheney family debate over same-sex marriage goes national! Oh, to be at Thanksgiving dinner at Dick Cheney's house (skip the pheasant hunting trip!). With Dick's daughter out-and-out gay, the former VP has had to confront his conservative views about same-sex marriage. But now there is further dissension in the family as the other daughter - straight, anti-gay and running for U.S. senate (Wyoming).