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Ear Snacks

The Source's food and music pairings for 2014 Bite of Bend

There are two things that we love here at the Source Weekly more than just about anything (except for our moms, our dogs and beer): Music and food. So when the Bite of Bend starts sizzling in downtown this weekend, you can bet your hungry buns that we will be alternating munching from the long list of delicious bites ($1-$2, peppered throughout the event downtown), and shaking off the calories dancing to killer local and out-of-town musicians at the main stage (and, yes, I did just use the word "killer" as an adjective; spare me your '90s putdowns). Here are a few suggested pairings of food and music—salads and soul, salmon and folk, and country and corndogs, and may we also humbly suggest pairing pizza and literally anything.

Bite of Bend, June 28th, 11 am-10 pm & June 29th, 11 am-6 pm.

Dish: Jumbo Tamales: A twist on the traditional savory Mexican classic, desert tamales, strawberry, coconut or pineapple.

Pair with: Latin masters Chiringa! are nothing to shake a maraca at. Playing tropical classics with a contemporary flair, Shireen Amini's danceable project will bring the flavors of Latin-America to downtown while Jumbo Tamales brings them to your mouth. Sat., 12:30 pm.

Dish: Family Corndogs: Blue cornmeal dogs, stuffed with bison or chicken or a veggie option.

Pair with: Second Son has a dusty old-west sound that is reminiscent of the hills where the buffalo (used to) roam. Sat., 2 pm.

Dish: Mountain Coffee Co.: Huckleberry smoothie sippers.

Pair with: With sweet songs about moving to the country and wide-open spaces, Wilderness is Bend's indie-rock darling. The perfect soundtrack for combing the Willamette Valley for coveted huckleberry bushes, or if you don't have time for that, for sipping on a refreshing blend of berries from Mountain Coffee Co. Sat., 5 pm.

Dish: Bluebird Coffee Company: Trio of summer salads including an uber-green Edamame salad, the happy salad, a mix of colorful seasonal veggies with an Asian slaw and a delicious and healthy quinoa salad.

Pair with: Soul Vaccination a summertime staple with a bright, crisp sound that matches a light and sunny salad. The 12-piece band has as many members as the diverse and high-numbering ingredients in the tasty trio. With an expansive horn section and plenty of dancable groves, getting soulful and fresh is a must with this Portland band. Sat., 8:30 pm.

Dish: Lummi Island Wild Salmon: From the company that provides seafood for Anthony's Restaurants and Whole Foods Markets, comes a crisp baked roll with light cream and fresh pink Chinook salmon roe. A dish that originated with world renowned Chef Blaine Wetzel, the James Beard 2014 Rising Star Chef of the Year Award winner.

Pair with: The Rum and The Sea, a local folk group with a rollicking roots influence that will rock the boat and the stage. Sun., 2 pm.