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2014 Best of Central Oregon

As voted by Source Weekly readers

Even if only a myth, the first known concept of a pageant was a toe-to-toe competition between Athena and Aphrodite. According to Greek mythology, Zeus sent a minion to judge the "fairest of them all," a judgment (in Aphrodite's favor) that set in motion a chain reaction resulting with the all-out Trojan War. All told, not a great result.

While we hardly want to dub ourselves as wiser than Zeus, we are smart enough—or perhaps in this day-and-age of crowd-sourcing, modern enough—to let you, the readers, decide the fairest of them all, and have draped the winners in pageant sashes.

We were excited to have more readers than ever offering their opinions and votes this year, and are pleased to present the 2014 Best of Central Oregon.

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