Friday Mixtape: '90s-Palooza | The Source Weekly - Bend

Friday Mixtape: '90s-Palooza

By Josh Gross

Stone Temple Pilots' frontman Scott Weiland was just in Bend with his new group, The Wildabouts.

And, Smash Mouth is coming to Oregon. Mafuggin' Smash Mouth. And why not? It's not like they could have anything else to do?

But it makes sense. Between the rampant lumbersexuality, that new Kurt Cobain documentary and a resurgent interest in mopey acoustic ballads, the '90s are back with a thundering "whatever." And this time, they all have soul-sucking $36k/year jobs and receding hairlines to really give zero cares about! Huzzah!

Sounds like a mixtape to us. But since there are about a bazillion '90s mixtapes out there, we tried to go a little deeper into the underground with great bands and B-sides that may not have made The Buzz Bin. We also included a track by Smash Mouth. Here you go.

Spotify playlist: