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Side Notes 11/11-11/18

A public hearing will be held regarding the request for a zoning change for Troy Field at 690 NW Bond St. owned by the Bend La-Pine School District. The district is requesting to change the 0.08 acre-lot from a designated public facilities zone to commercial limited zone. People are invited to testify about the issue during the meeting and written comments can be submitted prior to and during the hearing. Comments must address the criteria being discussed at the hearing. The hearing will be held at City of Bend Council Chambers on Thursday, Dec. 3 at 9:30 am.

Downtown Bend now has occupancy of 97 percent, according to the Downtown Bend Business Association. "Eight new businesses opened this quarter or are planning to open in the coming weeks once renovations are made to the interior of the leased spaces," says DBBA Executive Director Rod Porsche. The new businesses raised the occupancy rate by one percent during the third quarter. A new tap house, a dog boutique, and a bike shop are a few of the businesses that have begun operating since July. A new restaurant and a new billiards hall are set to open within the next few months.

Oregon State University was voted number one in best on-campus sexual health, according to a survey published in USA Today. The University of Oregon was ranked sixth in Trojan's Sexual Health Report Card while Stanford, the University of Georgia, the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, and Brown University made the top five spots. The survey was based on the evaluation of student health centers across the country in 11 categories such as sexual health resources and information, condom and contraceptive availability, sexual assault resources and programs, and STI and HIV testing. Brigham Young was ranked the lowest on the report card at 140. 

In other news, City Manager Eric King declared a weather emergency during the Nov. 4 City Council meeting allowing additional shelters to be opened during the winter.