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Ballet Bar-Inspired Fitness

Bar-inspired fitness classes have become increasingly popular in recent years, and Bend offers several options for those looking to try a ballet bar-style workout. Most bar courses combine bar workouts and floor workouts, using the ballet bar to assist in both strength and flexibility exercises.

One of the options for bar fitness in Bend is Barre3. The Barre3 program is specifically focused on improving balance and supporting correct posture. The workout gets its inspiration from a melding of three forms of fitness—ballet bar, Pilates and yoga. Those familiar with any or all of these disciplines will recognize components of the classes. Each exercise and stretch can be tied back to the common goal of balance. Exercises focus on lengthening and toning major muscle groups, and aim to provide a balanced full-body workout in each class. The motivation behind Barre3 is to focus on a holistically-balanced life. Balance is the center of the fitness routine, but the Barre3 concept also supports healthy nutrition and community building.

An Oregon-born company, Barre3 got its start in Portland, where founders Sadie and Chris Lincoln opened the flagship studio in 2008. Now, eight years later, there are over 100 studios throughout the US.

If you're thinking of trying a Barre3 course, but don't have any experience yet, come as you are. No experience is required and you can modify the workout to fit your skill level. Yoga-like attire is best and you can choose to participate barefoot or in socks. Registration and payment are easy online or through the Barre3 mobile app. The Barre3 studio is located off Century near Good Life Brewery. Barre3 also offers online workouts. Those who choose online workouts can tailor their course length as well as what workout props they will use during their exercises.