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Bend Climate Summit Coming October 2016

Submitted by 350Deschutes

Mayoral Proclamation Urges Attendance at October 2016 Bend Climate Summit

It is time to move beyond spending enormous sums addressing the damage, and to make the investments that will repay themselves many times over”, said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.  

The Mayoral Proclamation from Bend City Council is also urging residents to consider options. The Proclamation reads: “ The Bend Community can do its share and begin to accrue the benefits of climate action. I urge all residents to participate in the Oct 3-4, 2016 Climate Summit: Climate Change, Solutions and Opportunities to be held at Mt Bachelor Village Conference Center, Bend, Oregon.

The Climate Conference, will be hosted by 350Deschutes, a climate advocacy and education nonprofit. It will invite the entire community, including city and county staff, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and anyone interested in attending. They will learn solutions from other communities that have already started the transition to a clean energy economy. These changes continue to boost jobs, as well as the development of new clean tech businesses. Experts in renewable energy, materials management (rethinking recycling/waste), transportation, building efficiency, agriculture, and water will impart “state of the art” knowledge. Sponsors include Mt Bachelor Village Conference Center, Cascade Business News, E2Solar, Bend Electric Bikes, and Standup Liquid, and KPOV 88.9 FM High Desert Community Radio. More information is available at

Day two of the conference will feature a “World Café” where participants apply their new knowledge to generate ideas that might be implemented in Central Oregon.

The United Nations has decreed that Climate change is a monumental and urgent global threat that will affect everyone. The UN advises that continued business as usual will put our food, air, water, health, and economies at great risk. They urge that it is time that all nations and communities meet this challenge with solutions and opportunities that are available.