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Stoopid Summer

Slightly Stoopid embodies the sounds of summer, making for a party that's anything but stupid

Some bands are engineered for summertime and outdoor amphitheaters—and this is one of them. It's hard to imagine seeing Slightly Stoopid inside when their surf-rock-meets-reggae-meets-hip-hop sound has that built-in summer party vibe. It's no wonder the band kicks off its 11th year headlining venues such as the Les Schwab Amphitheater.

"It's just kind of been a summertime staple, whether we have a new album out or not," Slightly Stoopid's lead vocalist and co-founding member Miles Doughty says. "People come out to party. It's pretty awesome. We're blessed to do what we do and have the career we've had."

This summer, the band's appropriately titled headlining tour, the Sounds of Summer, features reggae, rock and world music from Iration, J. Boog and The Movement. Doughty loves these summer tours, as they have good weather, for the most part, and everyone's energy level is so much higher. After the intense winter in Bend, it's safe to say we're ready for heat and party jams.

"Summertime is just fun for everybody," Doughty says. "I always love that about the summertime shows, the energy that you get from the people is crazy."

Though the band has made these tours an annual tradition, they still miss home while out on the road. They all have kids now and miss their hometown, surfing with the kids and their friends and family.

"That's kind of the sacrifice you make in the life of a musician. You sacrifice family and friends to bring music to people."

Slightly Stoopid released its last album, "Meanwhile... Back at the Lab" in 2015, but have big plans for a new record in 2018. Stoopid plans to ride out the rest of this year and then start off next year right with a new album. The band has written a lot of songs and now it's a matter of picking the ones they want to use.

"The plan for us is to always keep evolving as musicians and make the best record we can," Doughty says.

If you feel yourself getting stupider without new Stoopid songs, no worries. The band plays a couple of the songs that are going to be on the record during this tour. Doughty feels it's a good way to get the songs going and see how they feel.

"We've seen so much in the 20 years we've been touring around," Doughty reflects. "As you grow up and mature, you take all those experiences and moments that you've had and form them to songs and try to tell the best story you can."

Slightly Stoopid

Sat., July 15. 4:30pm.

Les Schwab Amphitheater

344 SW Shevlin Hixon Dr., Bend.