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Blue Line Safety Zone Now Offered at DCSO

The two parking spots are for safe internet transactions and other exchanges

Blue Line Safety Zone Now Offered at DCSO
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
The new Blue Line Safety Zone at the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office

Recently, the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office created two parking spaces in its parking lot off NE Jamison Street, near Hwy. 20 for a safe space to do Craigslist-type transactions and other things like exchanging children between parents.

The spots, called "Blue Line Safety Zone" are clearly marked and in a well-lit area, according to the DSCO's press release. By providing the spaces, the Sheriff's Office is hoping to deter people who would take advantage or do harm to people in these type of transactions, which has happened in the past country-wide, especially with internet sales scams.

Sheriff L. Shane Nelson said in a statement: "Law enforcement is known as the Thin Blue Line, protecting our community by delivering superior public safety and service. Our office strives to be as proactive as we can be in delivering this service. The Sheriff's Blue Line Safety Zone provides a safer, video recorded public area for parent exchanges of children as well as in person transactions following online sales."

According to the DCSO, the area is under 24-hour video surveillance. The deputies won't get involved in, or directly monitor the transactions, but the DCSO said if the need arises, they would have video available to refer back to. The Sheriff's Office reminds people to call 911 from the parking spaces if an emergency comes up.

The DCSO said people should remember that buying items from an online service and meeting someone you don't know comes with inherent risks. People should always exercise caution and chose a public location when completing these kinds of transactions.