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Cj Hitchcock 
Member since Oct 4, 2013


Honesty is always misconstrued as hostility.... Did I mention I am honest I do not speak often When I do it is never predictable I am usually uncomprehensible I subject myself to abstract exposure I have bouts of psychosis I have been known to be highly irritable FUCK! Just stop irritating me I become obsessive with my ideas And disgusted by my thoughts I have a twisted sense of humor I desire continuous knowledge I HATE infatuations ...................."I am infatuated...Damn It!" I am a terminal virus I despise the false statement 'Love' I recoil at the false statement 'Friend' I give myself completely But take myself when stolen I refuse concietedness Devour any weakness There is no such thing as helplessness I respect inspiration I laugh for no reason I choke on EXCUSES I see things unexplainable I believe I am dillusional I have an affair with numbers While I am in a relationship with words I find comfort in my solitude I am a complete anomaly I am destined to challenge fate I am rightfully selfish I am an original mold.....HAH! I require honesty I abandon all pretenses I am judged by my accusers as insane I am angered by stupidity I have been known to be ignorant I am a creator of musical vibrations I am inclined to be complicated I contradict anything at anytime I have been underestimated I am always misunderstood I question everything And CAN'T answer NOTHING I use double negatives on purpose! I go days without eating I am plagued nights without sleeping Yet never do I go a moment without thinking I have been confined by restrictions I am compassionately sensual I choose not to be selfishly corrupt My urges are uncontrollable I am the parasite to your host I confuse others SHIT! I confuse myself I am obsessively compulsive While I am compulsively obsessive I am intellectually inquisitive Yet many inquire on my intellect I am passionately enduring Which keeps me enduringly passionate I am obviously autistic And remain autistically obvious I am cynically artistic Leading me to be artistically cynical I am critically judgemental Being percieved as judgementally critical I remain patiently pondering Causing a pondering of patience I am delectably delightful And taste delightfully delectable I am many contradictions I am ME!


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