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Awakening Your Inner Hero: You are a Magician 

You are a Magician

Each one of us has the power to influence, even change our world. That is a huge responsibility. It may also be one of our greatest sources of joy.

I never read "Harry Potter." It just wasn't on my radar back in 2001 when I was 55 years old and in the vortex of my professional career. Also, I was in a book club with 10 other cool dudes—and we were reading much more "sophisticated" material.

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Harry Potter? Harry who?

So, Harry faded far into the background of my already full life.

Life mysteriously unfolds and morphs over time. Maybe, even magically. Sometime later today I will be starting the fourth "Harry Potter" book, "The Goblet of Fire." How did that happen? Was it a magic wand or an old witch's potion? Nope! It was our eight-year-old granddaughter, Livi. One day, she was reading "Harry Potter, Book III," which I have come to realize is a powerful story about good versus evil...and ultimately courage and love. She was totally engrossed. She looked up and lovingly asked the magical question, "Have you read 'Harry Potter,' Baba?" She was obviously expecting a "Yes, of course I have." But when I answered, "No, I haven't," everything changed. The room stood still. Livi looked at me with the most disbelieving expression. Did Baba really say no? All eyes were on Baba.

The very next words I heard were, "Baba, you have to read 'Harry Potter!'"

It was a magical incantation that landed simultaneously in my heart and soul. A direct hit. I don't remember my exact reply but it was something like, "Sure, Livi, that's a good idea! Would you loan me your books?"

"Of course, I will," she said immediately.

My life has changed ever since that moment.

Not only have I gotten to know Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Professor Dumbledore and so many more, but Livi and I are closer than ever. Could anyone in the entire world, other than my Livi, have gotten me to read "Harry Potter?"

ANYONE? Not even close. Livi-Luv cast a spell on me that changed our lives forever.

Nearly every time we see each other, which is most days of every week, there is something spoken about Harry and his adventures. More importantly, soooo much more importantly, both of our hearts tingle in ways they never would have...and always will.

"Baba, you have to read 'Harry Potter!'" Life-changing magic.

Now, let's talk about you and me—and how we can change the world with our own incredible powers.

I will give you two incantations, which, by the way, you already know. Each of these require us to bring our inner Livi and Harry into the moment. Without them, our words are only words. Imposters, pretending to be the real thing.

Magical Incantation Number One: I am sorry.

That's right, these are some of the first words we're taught—soon after Mommy, Daddy, please and thank you. We live in a world that requires our sensitivity and caring in order for joy to be felt and shared. In this world, we humans are simply that, humans. We inevitably say or do things that hurt another, and may even do damage. Sometimes our misguided words or behaviors may initiate a lifetime of damage. Humans are powerful entities, both for the good and the not-good.

The magic that emanates from I am sorry is NOT the words. That is our cultural error. Simply saying the words changes nothing! In fact, they can even add insult to injury. The word sorry comes from the word sorrow. Sorrow is a deep hurt, it is not a word. Where do we feel our deep, true sorrow? Where don't we feel our deep, true sorrow? We feel it in every cell in our sensitive bodies. When we feel it and express it, a magical healing potion is released, initially for the perpetrator. Sorrow makes us human. We care. We own who we are. Our sorrow directs us to change our hurtful behavior to the very best of our ability.

Magical incantation Number Two is: I forgive you.

Forgiveness is rarely easy.

Our hurts and anger can last...and last.

It is our job to release them, so we can set ourselves free.

Take a breath, please. Into your belly, slowly. When we are angry and hurt, we aren't breathing fully. Many of us rarely do. Our limited breath impedes our ability to fully forgive. Breathe into your belly gently, through your nose. Then move the breath into your sternum area and lastly, into your chest. Exhale slowly. Repeat...for the rest of your life.

In fear mode, which is where we store our hurts and resentments, our lower animal brain is activated. In order to access our higher selves, the part of us that can let go of our hurts and forgive, we need oxygen. Breathe again. It's magic. And the very word spirit, that beautiful part of every one of us, derives from the word breath. More magic.

When we fully apologize and fully forgive, healing occurs that impacts untold numbers of people!

Thank you, Harry and Livi.

Please, use your magical powers.

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