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Best Place to Catch a Free Show

Floating the Deschutes

There's no shortage of places to catch a show in Central Oregon — we're teeming with local talent, and traveling acts come through every summer.

While there are plenty of solid venues in town to catch a free, local show (and free is relative, support the local bands you love, folks), I'd have to say that floating the Deschutes is pretty much the best seat in the house when it comes to a show at the Les Schwab Amphitheater.

Best Place to Catch a Free Show (2)
K.M. Collins
Now, if my favorite band (let's say, Pixies) is playing Les Schwab, I'm sure as hell going to buy a ticket—a river seat isn't going to deliver stellar acoustics or fellow fans to enjoy the moment with. But sometimes you just want a little mood music while you're floating the river and enjoying the sunset, you dig?

In May, the Source wrote a piece about the etiquette of poaching a summer concert on the river—which includes some great general safety tips. So—if you go out to float the river and just happen to catch a free show at Les Schwab in the process, be sure to pay it forward to the artists.

Best Place to Catch a Free Show
K.M. Collins

Stream their albums on Spotify, buy some merch, subscribe to their newsletter—and buy a ticket to their show next time they come through town. Better yet, bring a few friends with you! Music is better when shared.

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