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Jackson's Corner

Cole Davis
Jackson's Corner

Jackson's Corner is simultaneously modern, yet revives that classic neighborhood market—a winning combination as dynamic as the mix of ingredients that make up their award-winning salads.

"I am totally in love with the way Jackson's is using organic produce and various proteins," says Executive Chef Lindsay Duffy, who started at Jackson's Corner as a line cook and steadily moved up the ranks. "We are sourcing our produce as locally as possible, so we have these beautiful relationships with local farms."

Jackson's has always had great buzz about its breakfast dishes, and that buzz is spreading to the rest of the menu, like the salads and popular summertime gazpacho.

"I think that we use the best possible quality ingredients and I think local food just tastes better, because it doesn't have to travel really far on a truck to get here. We do a salad special every week based on the ingredients that are in season at the time, and that's our most popular item on the menu. Our high quality organic local ingredients are really shining through and people are loving them." (JR)

2nd Place: Crouton's

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