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Re: “Balance the Recruiters' Pitch

Randall's statement: "supporting the troops by working for peace," comes off as that of a complete hypocrite. These folks despise the troops, despise what they do. The entire peace movement is a monster of hypocrisy. These narrow minded self serving cowards only have the privilege of uttering their blatant hypocrisy because of the military. Were it not for the military and the non-cowardly sacrifice of our parents and grandparents, we would all be now living as Nazi's. The Nazi's weren't known as folks that put up with any outspoken political issues that went against the regime. In WW2, there was a peace movement that fought against our going to war. This current batch of hypocrites, like this Randall, are the 'intellectual' foster children of those same short-sighted ignorant cowards. Military recruitment on campus and those opposed, have nothing whatsoever to do with a "balanced education," and Randall's tying them together to make an invalid point is intellectually fraudulent, if not perverse. How does Randall's self serving peace movement reform the military, one of his supposed goals? His letter puts forth a collection of such absurdities in an attempt to camouflage the fact that they are against the military from the get go. To deny the military matter how industriously fraudulent they spin, spin, spin.

Posted by Blushing Crow on 02/16/2008 at 8:37 AM

Re: “The Gospel According to George and Bill

Hitler Youth: Great little song. I'm sure you worked on it for weeks...or months. The intro is little incoherent, though. You might try a little Windex on that little Plexiglas window your parents had surgically implanted in your belly button...clear up up your vision... so you could see the computer screen and possibly actually see what you write and that your intro is gibberish. Or, just get mommy to hose you off and put you up on a booster seat...

Posted by Blushing Crow on 12/16/2007 at 8:38 PM

Re: “Products, Not Panhandling

One of the things that is interesting in the back and forth on this issue is how the "compassionate" side seems to do no research into what homeless situation actually consists of. Their opinion seems to be based primarily on an empty emotional response rather than realistically dealing with the problem. I think it's fair to say these people are in denial. Even a modicum of research, a simple net search, will reveal the national homeless problem is primarily one of addiction, yet these "compassion" based folks steadfastly deny that is so. Are the "compassionate" addicted to their own emotions and so they don't want to know the truth? One of the things that turn me off with a lot of panhandlers, is that you see them sitting there with their signs begging for assistance and they are smoking a cigarette. If you can afford to pay $4.00 for a pack of don't need my help. Some of them even have a healthy looking dog with them. If you can smoke and maintain a dog, how desperate are you? Some of these panhandlers even occupy the same intersection for months at a time...the fellow out by Home Depot near 97 comes to mind. How about "Disabled:need help!" If you are truly disabled, you can be on SSI. What's with that? So, between addictions, lies and people clearly taking advantage of human largess, there seems to be a "compassion gap." Unfortunately, the truly legitemately needy fall through that "gap."

Posted by Blushing Crow on 12/15/2007 at 8:18 AM

Re: “The Military Recruitment Scam

The folks that think peace is obtainable...are the very folks that have prospered, safely, peacefully, because a whole bunch of other folks went to war...and created an environment so peaceful...that these deluded folks have come to believe that peace is an obtainable norm, an option on a check list, and the only to want it. These lovers of peace need to get the picture: You are a minority! Why? This little thing called human nature. There are millions upon millions of folks that would like nothing better than to rip your peaceful head off and take a crap down your peace loving neck hole. Hang out with any of these folks filled with normal human hatred...and see how long you last. As long as the world is filled with folks that hate your very guts...peace is not possible. The only way to get rid of them is to continuously defend against them. That probably requires us , realistically, to have a keep the peace you crave. How long would it take your peaceful local environment to collapse if there were no police? Twenty minutes? How long would it take for the world to collapse if we had no military? Twenty minutes? It's the same people. There is one very basic rule: With no and your children die. Quite quickly.

Posted by Blushing Crow on 11/24/2007 at 3:22 PM

Re: “Beating the Drums of War

Ten bears: Nothing east of the Rockies we need? You don't need any any medication? Ever? You don't need a vehicle, or parts for it? You don't any financial institutions? You don't need the Federal government for anything ever? You'll never need the military? You don't need any food? You don't need a gun? You don't need ammo? You Don't need a stove? You don't need a refrigerator? You don't need a glass anything? You don't need a spark plug? You don't need any petroleum based products? You don't need tires? You don't need shoes? You don't need carpet? You don't need clothes? You don't need utensils? Cosidering my list already has more than ten thousand items we get from the other side of the Rockies, and I've only just started, I'll quit. It's clear there is one thing you need. A brain. Maybe you left it on the other side of the Rockies...

Posted by Blushing Crow on 11/24/2007 at 1:21 PM

Re: “Ranks of 9-11 Skeptics Growing

I use the word paranoia in its proper sense viz the tendency to project negative attributes onto others to protect the self. Conspiracy theorists exhibit strong paranoiac tendencies. Rather than allowing the evidence to speak for itself, they often begin by assuming the "hoax" is true and then search for evidence to support that preconception. When they see anything that looks suspicious to them, they immediately accept it as "proof" to support that preconception. Any evidence that contradicts their belief is described as an attempt by the government to deceive us. They are usually argumentative, hostile and arrogant. An unmistakable sign of Paranoid Personality Disorder is continual mistrust. Belief in these conspiracy theories also bolsters their egos, because they are, "too smart to be fooled," and are "in the know about real events." If the shoe fits...

Posted by Blushing Crow on 11/23/2007 at 6:27 PM

Re: “Ranks of 9-11 Skeptics Growing

My husband has a degree in Structural Engineering. My brother-in-law has a degree in Electrical Engineering. I'm two credits short of a Degree in Psycology. When we read this "we blew up the WTC" crap, we all laugh so hard we get nose bleeds. You are entitled to your baseless opinion. However, a baseless opinion is worthless because it contains zero other than the personal, not factual, delusion of the deluded. It means less than nothing. After several years, you can sight no facts to support the destructive vileness you and your fellow fanatics continue to regurgitate. Conspiracy fanatics are conspiracy fanatics. The key word here is fanatic. You feel powerless in your life. "They," have always stood in your way. "They," are responsible for all the failures of your life. You could have been somebody, advanced in your job, been a contender, if it just wasn't for the all the powerful, crooked, sneaky, brilliant "they" that constantly stood in your poor way. Oh, and statistically, you are probably a Democrat. Sound like you?

Posted by Blushing Crow on 11/23/2007 at 5:02 PM

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