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Gunpowder Roasting Ranch

Located just north of Tumalo, a sustainable bio-dynamic heritage pig farm and small batch coffee roasting operation offers their take on healthy indulgence.

The 9-acre land is made up of a chemical free, alfalfa mixed field, rotated every couple days offering a cozy home and pasture roaming fun to their pigs. Their fun loving hogs are the heart of the ranch and consist of heritage varieties including Red Wattle, Large Black, Gloucestershire Old Spots and also the lean, not so mean Tamworths.

Their pigs are proudly fed a locally milled non GMO feed by a livestock nutritionist, who offers a custom Corn and Soy free diet for the ranch.

In addition to the pasture, a recycled spent brewers grain supplies a sweet treat for the Gunpowder pigs. From baby back ribs, to fresh roasted coffee beans, we offer a diet made up of simple ingredients, nutritious whole foods and an opportunity to support local, sustainably grown food to the community.


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