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High Lakes Aquatic Alliance Foundation

This society is a non-profit corporation formed from a multitude of conservatory groups who have a
major commitment in the salvation of the wild bird population who utilize the salt lake ecosystem for
food energetics, nutritional growth and nesting habitat. In the Lake Abert ecosystem the brine shrimp and brine fly larvae constitute the major food sources that support these two conditions. These food sources require that the lake system be aquatic and healthy with the chemical concentration of salts in the non-toxic range of 80 to 100 grams of salt per liter.
Creating a network of science and conservation agencies to partner with our Foundation in the formation of a new management agency that will aid the Governor of the State of Oregon in curtailing the impact of drought upon the complete dessication of Lake Abert. This project will focus on removal or modification of the earthen damn’s control of fresh
water diversion of the lower Chewaucan River other than to keep Lake Abert’s surface level at 4,250 ft. above sea level. Establishing workshops with Hagerman Genetic Laboratory, Idaho to be conduced at the HLAAF headquarters building, Camp Sherman, Oregon, for the discussion of new genetic pathways being discovered in kokanee and sockeye fish gills and other important tissues.


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