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Kickcancer is a nonprofit dedicated to helping families with cancer thrive. Our goal is to empower through education—teaching the importance of real food, real health, and how to implement it into real life—both during and after treatment. We believe: When you know better, you do better. Our name, KICKcancER, comes from Season and Josh’s son, Kicker. He has inspired our movement to help other families.


We also provide KICKstart Kits for families who are interested in exploring and integrating some of these methods with their children undergoing treatment and post treatment. We host a 30 Day THRIVE Program that will provide you with a customized 30 day protocol, ongoing support and weekly training to help you THRIVE through cancer. We empower cancer fighting athletes through our KICKcancER Athlete’s Sponsorship Program to help them take their dreams to the next level

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