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Letters 7/2-7/9 


Please pick up your dog's "mojones" [Spanish for crap].

—Wes Oeste


I've seen this debate rage on for the past several months and the negativity gets old. For very good reasons the college is something Bend definitely needs. First and foremost is economic growth that extends well beyond tourism, retirement and sports. Cities that rely solely on those industries find themselves dying off and not able to support good paying jobs that come with new industries moving in and making Bend their home. Sure, everyone wants to resist change and keep things the way they are but that just cannot happen if people want to continue to have jobs and increase their quality of life. Growth is a good thing. Some may say it takes away that feeling of community but it actually doesn't do that at all. In fact, it creates new communities. I remember visiting New York City a few years ago wondering how 18 million people felt so proud of where they live and it was apparent when you saw the smaller communities that formed and stuck together.

Another very good reason for the college is human-oriented. We need more open-mindedness, culture, diversity, and new communities to sprout up. This happens when you have growth and especially growth from a college being located in the city. It brings new people, new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things, and causes some great things to happen when you can open up your mind a bit.

To the point of Corvallis, they happen to be doing just fine with their parking and they also happen to have the lowest unemployment in the state at 5 percent (the last time I checked). Also, dealing with parking and housing are things we humans can do; if we can send a man to the moon, then I'm pretty sure we can solve some growth issues—also it's good to point out that solving those issues is creating jobs. Having a College also creates jobs.

I can definitely see all sides of the coin and change is one of the things that scares people the most. They don't want to lose what they love so much about Bend, but on the other hand, none of what people love about our City needs to disappear; it's just going to evolve into something even better so we don't become a news story of a once-great and promising city that withered away due to resistance to change.

—Shane Ketterman


When will Bend Parks and Recreation take down the Bend Senior Center sign off the building on Reed Market Road and put up their own sign? The building was to be used exclusively for senior activities and not for those younger and there are those that are still confused as to its use and what happened.

It seems they will use the sign as long as people think they are supporting seniors and money is coming in to Bend Parks and Recreation because they use the Bend Senior Center name.

Meanwhile, United Senior Citizens of Bend (USCB) continues to serve seniors at the original Bend Senior Center on 5th Street. To those long ago gone seniors of the '70s, plus the last 40 years, it is a slap in the face, not just because of the use of the USCB's almost a million dollars, but also for use of a name for which USCB has long been known.

—Barbara Hamilton


WOW! Our local hospital board is paying itself because it's the only way to get people to serve on the board? WOW! Where do I sign up? They all look pretty wealthy to me, including Dr. Buehler. Hey, isn't he running for office? Like he needs the money. The hospital keeps reducing employees, yet the board pays itself. I'd give them the BOOT!



Gimme a break. "Farm to table cocktails," "fresh, locally sourced dishes"...can we please stop with the tired, worn-down cliché buzzword terms? What is next, a "Bendlandia" episode? Nothing for or against this place, but you make it sound like just another "me too bandwagon-jumping establishment." —Johnny

Yeah Dogwood!! Don't worry about negative, butt-hurty comments from people like Johnny. You have something that folks are passionate about one way or another. You don't cater to the tiresome IPA movement here in Bend and that's a breath of fresh air. Keep up the farm to shaker, table attitude, it's what people really want at the end of the day. Even Johnny! —Iguanabelly


Dear Phil: Oh, please grow up! Enjoy the sanctioned public fireworks display. After devastating California fires, counties outlawed the sales of "so-called" safe fireworks from booths around towns. With REAL law/fire department enforcement the first year, the idiots setting off rockets, firecrackers and other fire starters went to zero. Was the law difficult to pass? You bet, with Boy Scouts, Rotary, etc. making the bulk of their money from a once-a-year action, the lobbying was fierce. Thank goodness sanity (maturity) won. —Lahaina

The growing movement to shift fireworks fun to New Year's Eve (and away from the hot, dry 4th of July) is a great idea. Plus, it's dark earlier in the evening so we can have a full night's sleep. —TH3


I suggest that Bend consumers boycott this business [Hobby Lobby]!



Adult Entertainment anyone? And I don't mean porn. Observations from someone who moved here last November. I was really perplexed with the recent demographic assessment that the average age in Bend is 42 years old. Can anyone, who is not house-ridden, account for the seemingly tens of thousands of infants and adolescents that dominate virtually every aspect of Bend? Aside of the number of music/entertainment venues I can count on one hand, every commercial endeavor and promoter here that doesn't feel compelled to accommodate kids, at the expense of folks that are actually attracted of the artists. A live music fan, and admittedly from places where musicians and artists are honored and respected, I'm appalled by the local notion that every event, however appropriate, is an extension of McDonalds Playland. Latest case-in-point, Les Schwab on Sunday where an excellent band (Randy McAllister) wasted their talent on scores of aimless, frenetic kids (including someone's 8-year-old version of Spiderman) dominating the immediate stage area for some two hours. Displaced, or more likely repulsed, people there to listen to music were relegated to tiny niches in the back of the venue where they were relatively insulated from the continuous distraction of flying beach balls and kids darting around in front of them. More to the point, can you imagine how talented artists feel being subjected to that kind of uncontrolled environment?

My point: Bend may be the go-to place for entitled/have-it-all millennials and their expansive broods (a birthrate surpassed only by sub-Saharan Africa), but there are a lot of other folks here who pay taxes and deserve some balance in the offerings of this town. If you want to attract people that aren't just passing through and truly can afford to live here, I suggest doing some things to accommodate their needs. Intelligent, practical venue zoning comes to mind. Since its clear that the new-age "parents" are inclined and content to switch their kids to auto and turn them loose, no matter where and when, reserve a special place for mature audiences who can connect with worthy artists and enjoy entertainment. Go ahead, provide your cherished play lands, but recognize that artists and the people who come to enjoy their talent deserve to have a good time, free from juvenile distraction.

—Harry Williamson


Best Cab Company, Best Rates, Cleanest Cabs and Best Male and Best Female Drivers? Bend, Ore., is about being the Best of. Please add "OTHER" categories, it would be so Bend and amazing too! Thanks, Karla with a K at Bend Cab Company, one of your biggest fans and most loyal readers.

—Karla Mackey

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