Plug it in, plug it in

Plug it in, plug it in

Electric cars gain traction in Bend, will infrastructure follow?
If you've noticed a few more Teslas or Nissan Leafs on the road recently, don't be too quick to assume that they're all visiting from California.

Are You Really Recycling?

Just because you throw it in the Blue Bin doesn't mean it won't end up in the landfill
Take a drive around Bend every other Thursday—or whatever day recycling happens in your hood—and you'll see it: streets lined with the big Blue recycling bins, overstuffed like it's the 26th of December, plastic bags blowing down the street from the spring winds.

Deschutes County wouldn’t enforce gun laws under proposed ballot measure

Group collecting signatures to put a measure on the November ballot
Deschutes County residents could vote on a ballot measure in November to prohibit the county from enforcing gun laws. Sponsors of an initiative petition called the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance will begin collecting signatures to place it on the ballot.

Out to Dry

Can one below-average snowpack year make or break a high desert summer?
On the Lower Deschutes River near Warm Springs, Alysia and Elke Littleleaf recall the effects of the drought in 2015, brought on by low snowpack.

Nuisance Trapping?

A longtime homeowner in the Skyliners neighborhood is concerned about trapping in the area and the potential safety risks for dogs and kids
Update: Wildlife Services confirmed on 4/18 the traps and signs in the area along Tumalo Creek have been removed. Chris Morrison has lived near the Skyliners neighborhood—minus a few years for college—since 1976.

Hotel Debate

Northeast neighbors are concerned about a change to city code, allowing for an extended stay hotel near their homes
A code change voted on by the Bend City Council has people in one northeast neighborhood challenging a new project.

Ice Sports to end Friday

The Pavilion will let the ice melt in preparation for summer activities
Ice skaters and hockey players, this is your last week of the season, as Bend Park and Recreation District is closing down the Pavilion’s ice rink Friday, April 9. The Pavilion is offering $6 end-of-season rates until Friday at 7 pm, when the ice will melt in preparation for summer activities.

It's Equal Pay Day!

...but it's not exactly a reason to celebrate
You've probably heard the stats that women tend to earn roughly 80 cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts. In Oregon, women earn an estimated 79 cents to the dollar, placing the state 27th out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.  For Latinas and black women, that gap is even bigger.

Never ridden an asphalt pump track before?

Here's your chance to see it happen in Redmond, Ore.
In Redmond, a group of young cyclists was getting tired of being asked to leave alleys, parking lots and other locations where they'd gather to practice their skills. To ensure they'd have somewhere to ride and practice things like momentum, balance and speed, they decided to organize to build what's thought to be the very first asphalt pump track in the state, according to the City of Redmond. 

Inside DAWNS House

A peek inside a home of women supporting women through recovery
Inside a comfortable living room, the women of DAWNS House divulge their hopes for the coming year, and lament some of their past choices.

Urban Renewal for Central Bend?

A movement toward tax increment financing and an urban renewal area to help grow the city's central district
According to Portland State University's Population Resource Center, Bend's population is predicted to be over 130,000 by 2035, and nearly 200,000 by the year 2065.


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