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Re: “Got Tased? It's Your Fault

I would find this Jegglie's naive delusions a little more palatable if he wasn't quite so quick on the sneer trigger. To refer to someone who has a collection of bad experiences as being paranoid, when they appear to be more one of wisdom born of experience, which more accurately should be called intelligence. Because this Jegglie may not learn from experience doesn't mean it's not a desirable attribute in others. The issue with Jegglie's comments appears to one of his gross misunderstanding about the psychological nature, attitudes, social perspectives, criminal behavior and collective group angst of everyday cops. Were he to get a real grip on these issues, he would not, presumably, be so anxious to have all these taser parties, where cops tase people with all the nonchalant aplomb of urinating on a bush alongside a back road. The issues are: Are Tasers dangerous? The answer is: Absolutely! The issues are: Are cops using these devices capriciously?: The answer is: Absoluetly! The issues are: Is taser use way too often excessive force? The answer is: Absolutely! The issues are: Is this a situation that needs drastic and immediate overhaul? The answer is: Absolutely! The issues are: Should a moratorium on these dangerous devices use be temporairaly enacted until these issues are resolved? The answer is: Absolutely! Jegglie, your depiction of the "don't tase me, Bro." situation was highly inaccurate and grossly distorted. They had him pinned to the ground BEFORE they tased him, not after. At that point there was no reason to tase him other than to shut him up. You really need to stop spinning like a cheap top on holiday. And Jegglie, if four security guards, who have a skinny college student pinned down on the floor, cannot exert command and control over that individual without the use of a taser, we are all in deep shit, you included.

Posted by Mae Whitman on 02/25/2008 at 8:34 PM

Re: “Balance the Recruiters' Pitch

One of the pervasive elements in the so-called "peace movement." that I personally find loathsome, is something I call "conditional compassion." You will find these folks just dripping with compassion when it suits their goals and contemptuous disdain and total disregard for blood shed when it doesn't. An example: These were the very same people calling for a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq because, in part, their deep concern for the Iraqi people. Yet, all available information, logic and common sense pointed toward an enormous loss of Iraqi life were we to suddenly withdraw. These two-faced "peace" clowns didn't give a tinkers damn about the horrendous reality that Iraqi's would suffer. Their "compassion" was a political ruse to sway the ignorant to their point of view, and the obvious horrific consequences be damned. Even The Source's own HBM, in a rebuttal posted on this web site several months ago, stated that what happened to the Iraqi people if we suddenly withdrew, and I paraphrase, "that is their problem, my concern is with ending the war." There is your true compassion of an anti-war leftist. Most peace activists that I have met are self concerned single minded political hacks who want one result, and damn the cost to whomever, who lack the ability to comprehend the simple rule of cause-effect. Life on this planet, the true nature of our fellow humans, requires that if you want peace, you must fight for it with non-peaceful means. Peace without the ability to wage war, brings war. What the hell is hard to understand about that?

Posted by Mae Whitman on 02/15/2008 at 5:11 PM

Re: “Why Kucinich Stands Tall

One other comment on your letter, Wellock. You refer to Fox news in a disparaging manner. Let's have a reality check. Geo. Mason University, one of the top law schools in the country, just concluded research into what news channel was the least biased, the most "fair and balanced." They compared 482 political reports by ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC and Fox. They found that Fox News was the most centered and fairly balanced of the lot. The far left of course, claims Fox news leans heavily to the right. Why? Because, as this report shows, all of the news networks other than Fox are left of center. So, if you sit on the left, and most news outlets sit there with you...the real center appears to be to the right. From the far is a very long way right to get to center. Obviously, even moderate liberals are to the right of the fringe left crowd. So the next time you call doodoo on Fox News, remember, it is you that is clueless, biased and ill-informed. But then, we already knew that.

Posted by Mae Whitman on 01/02/2008 at 5:26 PM

Re: “Why Kucinich Stands Tall

One wonders where people like this Dana Wellock go to get their information. If the answer is a distended bladder like Kucinich, then one understands why her output is so distorted and naive....and laughable! She said VP Cheney lied about weapons of mass destruction. Really? When? How? Who says? A lie is deliberate prevarication. Evey intelligence agency in the free world said Saddam had WMD. If Cheney repeats what he was told, do these morons think that makes him a liar? By her very own criteria, that makes Wellock a liar, because SHE is repeating what she has been told, and THAT sure as hell isn't true! Why is it that these paranoid hysterics don't own a dictionary? The far left nut job Damnocrats spent millions over more than a year with a special prosecutor, only to prove Cheney never outed Plame, who was not covert by a long shot. This hired lunatic fringe prosecutor knew in the first two weeks Cheney had nothing to do with outing Plame, but went on for months, costing taxpayers millions. A suggestion, Wellock: Gather real facts next time, not unsubstantiated ramblings from the bomb throwing lunatic fringe of your party. Unfortunately dear, wanting Cheney to be a liar with all your little left wing heart and soul, is not the same as him actually being one. Be careful, Wellock. I understand "THEY" are going to start Zapping liars... from outer space...very soon...Some right wing Bushie zealot could have his finger on the DANA button as you read this....

Posted by Mae Whitman on 01/01/2008 at 9:06 PM

Re: “Peddle Papers Insead of Panhandling

Tascha: There are many addictions other than drug addictions. In earlier times many homeless were called "winos" because they were (many of them) addicted to alcohol, and the cheapest alcohol was fortified (extra alcohol added) wines (like MD 20-20)or "mad dog 20-20." Today many homeless are alcoholics. In our current economy, those without jobs, are those that do not, for what ever reason, want to work. Nationally, about 4% of us will not work no matter how incentive the economy. A minimum wage job provides over a thousand bucks a month. That is sufficient to prevail over the elements. If two hook up, they can live quite well. So, if people are homeless in this day and age, they either lack the common sense to deal with their life or they are addicted to something that precludes normal self care. Homelessness is an statistically low (not normal) condition. Why do more than 99% of us manage and a very small percentage do not? Laziness, and/or addictions and/or incompetence just might have something to do with it. For the most part, these folks are victims of themselves...not society. What can be done for those that will not help themselves? All the compassion in the world will not change this dynamic one iota.

Posted by Mae Whitman on 11/25/2007 at 8:20 AM

Re: “The Military Recruitment Scam

Newhart, considering that you are probably brainwashing your offspring with your preconceptions, bias, delusions and unpatriotic point of view... The best thing you could do for them is get them into the military as soon as possible, before you leech out any remaining semblance of love for country, a feeling that is clearly absent from your anti-American elitist point of view. One can hope that you end up needing someone to save your butt...and they don't bother. Why should they? Hopefully, in your case, what goes around comes around.

Posted by Mae Whitman on 11/24/2007 at 8:31 PM

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