An uptick in tick-borne illness

An uptick in tick-borne illness

Got a tick? Here's what to do—and how to know whether it's the Lyme disease-carrying kind
Stories about Central Oregon tick encounters are popping up all over social media.

Natural World

Bring On the Butterflies
I am one of those fortunate people who married into butterflies.

Hjelp humlene med bolplass!

Or how to help native pollinators in Central Oregon
I never know what my wife and I will come home with when we go out on our seasonal look-see at the 150+ golden eagle breeding sites we're responsible for watching over.

Look out!

The Nature of our Earth is in big trouble
I'm going to make a prophecy—though not quite as innocuous as Roger Tory Peterson's of 1936, when he predicted the cattle egret, Bubulcus ibis, would someday populate the U.S. His prophecy was that the cattle egret, which had arrived in South America early in the '30s—presumably after flying across the Atlantic Ocean in a storm, or by island-hopping from Africa—would colonize the U.S. by the '40s.

Why Not Sleep Through Winter?

The antics of hibernating critters
The longer I live, the more I wish scientists would succeed with "induced hibernation," especially for old duffers like me. I hate winter!

What to do about outdoor cats?

If you're dealing with feral or outdoor cats in your own yard, here's what to do—and what not to do
A somewhat recent news story featured a dead cat, hung over a fence for all to see.

Natural World

The arrival of a new trumpeter swan in Sisters
Aspen Lakes, on the Cyrus family property near Sisters, is involved in an exciting wildlife project.

Bugging Out!

After a host of bugs come in, our Natural World columnist has something to say
Enough is enough, all you good people!

Natural World

The eagles are baaaaack!
In the entire U.S. of A. there's only one Golden Eagle nest being monitored by webcam at this time, and it's right here in Sisters Country.

If Allowed, Raccoons Will Stay

Like deer, raccoons shouldn't be fed by humans. Take this hilarious tale as proof
Our common variety raccoon, usually found near water, always mooching, is truly a wonder.

True bugs can be kissers

There I was, just getting into my old 4-Runner after dropping off some French chocolate to my dear old pal, Fetty, at her place near Cascade Estates, when I felt something touch my left finger.


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