Vapocalypse 2019

Vapocalypse 2019

What to know, what to be concerned about
It's been a scary couple of weeks for those who use vaporizers, and for the companies which make the products and equipment used to do so. Every day provides more information about what's happened, and the potential reasons behind this increasingly deadly health crisis.

Pot vs. Pinot

Marijuana farm blamed for flagging grape sales
A case of allegedly tainted grapes in Yamhill County is a topic of conversation around the state. In April, Momtazi Family LLC, a vineyard located in McMinnville, filed a lawsuit under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act against a nearby marijuana farm.

Weed Oversupply?

A case for Oregon supply projections being overblown
The biggest story about Oregon cannabis this year has been just how much of it we have—by most accounts, a six-year supply. Much like a six-year-old joint, this story caught fire quickly and burned hot.

Opting Out, and Beyond

Deschutes County Commissioners add a measure to the 2020 ballot, and debate fighting LUBA on rule changes
At the Barnes Sawyer Room, where the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners holds public meetings, anytime the issue of marijuana is on the agenda visitors will find anti-marijuana activists staring down speakers, nodding solemnly and doing their darnedest to guide the Board in stamping out the scourge of marijuana that creeps like a bad dream toward their horseback-riding grounds.

Colorado Kind

A Mile-High cannabis experience
I just returned from Colorado, where I explored a very small portion of the Denver cannabis scene. My schedule and reimbursable budget didn't permit sampling dozens of products, so in no way should my experience serve as a comprehensive picture of what's available.

Opt Out Afoot

Deschutes County plans to add a measure to the 2020 ballot, asking residents to weigh in on future marijuana growing operations
In making a decision during their Aug. 8 Deschutes County Board meeting to "opt out" of allowing further marijuana business applications, commissioners have ensured that the country mouse/city mouse fight over cannabis farms will go through the 2020 election. And perhaps beyond.

H2 Woes

Cannabis increasingly scapegoated over water usage
Let's talk about water. One of the most common complaints from appellants who object to new marijuana production facilities in the outlying areas of town is water usage.

CBD: Super legal and great

...Except when it's not
Cannabis, and the devil's cannabinoid, THC, are all the rage, but hemp and CBD are rapidly gaining as just as much attention and investment

Zero Margin of Error

For local cannabis companies, staying within the bounds of the law becomes even more crucial
It's time to come clean and admit it: I'm a supporter of the cannabis industry (I know, pick up your jaw, please). I firmly believe our decades-long strategy of prohibition has failed.

Tokin' Tunes

The artists with the most mentions of the green stuff
It's summer—which means getting together with friends and family, some who partake, and partaking with those who do. Do you have a playlist for these times?

Marijuana amendments take back seat to demagoguery at county board meeting

The Barnes-Sawyer room was jam-packed July 3, mostly with vocally anti-marijuana residents.
When rural residents in Deschutes County get a chance to holler into a microphone about the menacing presence of ganja farms staining their holy, pristine wilderness, community theater usually ensues.


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