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    solalchemytemple on 09/19/2018 at 2:23 PM
    Re: “On Stewardship
    Note from the author:

    Awesome quote that didn't quite make it into the story...

    "When we're talking about stewardship of anything - including the environment - first, you have to give a great big damn. You have to care deeply enough and be invested enough to be willing to be changed by the very thing you're stewarding.

    "Secondly, you have to be willing to be 'inconvenienced,' and thus, uncomfortable at times. Reclaiming inconvenience and discomfort - as life practices - is a much larger conversation, so what I'll offer is an invitation: take on the practice of doing the 'inconvenient' thing for a day, and notice what happens... you might find yourself making a meal rather than ordering take out; pulling the weeds in your front yard rather than calling the landscaper; or foregoing your afternoon caffeine fix because you forgot your reusable cup, and you're unwilling to use another plastic one.

    "These small actions, over time, ultimately lead to deeper connection with self, others and all of Life around us ... which creates even more fodder for caring deeply, and stewarding something well and whole-heartedly."

    -Breyn Hibbs, life-time Central Oregonian, owner/founder of Sol Alchemy Temple and Keynote speaker at this year's Bend Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Network Conference, September 29th
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    solalchemytemple on 09/15/2018 at 4:44 PM
    Re: “Drying Up?
    Mark Davis-

    Check out the USGS study I reference... They are a pretty reliable source when it comes to drought conditions or climate change...

    Thanks for reading and commenting.
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    solalchemytemple on 09/15/2018 at 4:36 PM

    The article I wrote noting that women in Bend wanted more representation in clothing and outdoor products was reflective of a survey (see article: High Desert Herstory, June 29, 2018). There were no claims made- just sharing of a survey where over 50 local women conveyed their feelings...

    As a journalist I am often relaying information gathered by other sources, not communicating my own opinions.

    Even if I am conveying my own opinions, like many people, I am multidimensional. I do believe women's products and clothing should better represent diversity in body and narrative. I also write about outdoor brands in Bend- perhaps brands I write about make a one-size-fits-all hoody. It's OK to advocate for women and their needs and also note a new hoody being designed locally.

    The articles I have written aren't mutually exclusive. I look forward to seeing more work published on representing a range of women's bodies in outdoor products- there is much research showing that this is how women feel, including the survey I conducted for the article. This is a national and local issue. I don't see much local literature talking about this- that is why I felt compelled to write about it in the first place.

    What brands do you like anonymous? What outdoor apparel would you like to advocate for anonymous? I would love to check them out.