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The Equalizer

Based on the TV series from the mid to late '80's, The Equalizer looks like another solid entry into Denzel Washinton's retirement fund. Washington plays a man with a very special set of skills who comes out of self-imposed exile to protect a young woman from Russian gangsters. This comes from the same team that brought you Training Day and Olympus Has Fallen, so be sure to expect some explosions, gunfights and super-villainous monologuing.


  • Antoine Fuqua


  • Denzel Washington
  • Marton Csokas
  • ChloĆ« Moretz
  • David Harbour
  • Bill Pullman
  • Melissa Leo
  • Haley Bennett
  • David Meunier
  • Johnny Skourtis
  • Alex Veadov
  • Vladimir Kulich
  • E. Roger Mitchell
  • James Wilcox
  • Mike O'Dea
  • Anastasia Mousis
  • Allen Maldonado
  • Chris Lemieux


  • Todd Black
  • Jason Blumenthal
  • Denzel Washington
  • Alex Siskin
  • Steve Tisch
  • Mace Neufeld
  • Tony Eldridge
  • Michael Sloan
  • Ezra Swerdlow
  • David Bloomfield
  • Ben Waisbren
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