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November 14, 2018

Top 10 Gravel Rides in Central Oregon

There's lots of buzz in the cycling community about gravel riding. With new bikes that are a mashup between mountain bikes and road bikes, this is a new type of cycling for a lot of riders, with routes that are both challenging and scenic. And with the forecast offering plenty of sunny days and highs in the 50s, there's still time in the season to check these out—or to save them for your bucket list in the spring.

Don't have a gravel bike? At least two local shops, Sunnyside Sports, and Webcyclery, rent them. Or, hop on your mountain bike and just give it a go!
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Water and Lava – Bend.   The best entry-level gravel ride in the area is absolutely beautiful and includes riding along the Deschutes River, a visit to Benham Falls, a trip through lava fields and a climb to the top of Lava Butte.  Loop: 30 miles/1,400 feet elevation gain Mixed route: About 65 percent gravel, single track and bike path Difficulty: Easier Rideable: Early spring to late fall. This route rides good almost all the time
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