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May 17, 2018

Welcome to Bend! 10 things every newcomer should know

So You're In Central Oregon

Welcome to Central Oregon! No, seriously, we mean it. We know the cat's outta the bag: Deschutes County (that's us) was number one in overall population growth in all of Oregon in 2017, growing by a whopping 3.6 percent. And with this being the Pacific Northwest's version of Neverland, why not embrace all the things we've got going on? Here's your noob's guide to the High Desert.
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Be Nice, You're in Bend

Plastered all over shops, counters, cars, bikes... you get it. The decals, though at times cringe-worthy, embody the core vibe of Bend. Be f'n pleasant, because, yes, this IS Pleasantville—and we like it that way. So practice the Leave No Trace principles, pick up after yourself, use trails gently, don't steal, don't flip people off and be patient: things take extra time here. Breathe in that beauty.

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