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Best Alternative Healthcare Practitioner for Children

Drs. David and Sarah Lutz

Best Alternative Healthcare Practitioner for Children
Megan Baker

Pure Light: A Family Health Studio

Dr. David J. Lutz

How does chiropractic care benefit children?

Given the exponential growth and development of babies and children, there is no better time for their central nervous systems to be in balance. A child's spine undergoes various levels of stress during birth as they learn to walk, crawl, play and become involved in sports and activities. Benefits of pediatric chiropractic care include optimal brain development, achieving developmental milestones appropriately, a strong immune system, a balanced digestive system, improved sleep, the prevention of injuries and optimal health physically and emotionally.

What sort of work do you do with expectant mothers?

Both Dr. David and Dr. Sarah Lutz are certified in the well-known Webster Technique for pregnancy care. It is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment for pregnant mothers that reduces interference to the central nervous system and balances pelvic muscles and ligaments. This adjustment promotes proper baby positioning, optimizes uterine function, and allows for a safer, easier birth for mom and baby.

What techniques do you use with newborns?

We use very gentle adjusting techniques that allow babies to feel comfortable, safe and nurtured. There is no twisting or "popping" of the spine. Light touch and sustained pressure —the same amount of pressure to check the ripeness of a tomato — is all it takes to balance their little bodies.

Overall, how can chiropractic care help families thrive?

Chiropractic adjustments promote health and optimize human performance through every stage of life. Our focus is always on enhancing the function of the master control system of the body — the central nervous system. Gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments improve connection between the brain and the body, allowing for greater adaptability to our stressful toxic world.

Pure Light: A Family Health Studio
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