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Best of the Nest 2021

Best Place for a Child's Birthday Party - Mountain Air Trampoline Park, Eliot Collins, Manager

Best Place for a Child's Birthday Party - Mountain Air Trampoline Park, Eliot Collins, Manager

Best of the Nest 2021
Natalie Stephenson

There are some crazy-fun activities listed on the, for example, what can you tell us about Extreme Dodgeball?

In the Extreme game, each team has six added targets, so points are scored when you either hit someone with the ball or hit one of the targets on the wall behind them. There is also a time limit and a giant scoreboard just outside the playing area.

What about the "Giant Airbag?"

The Giant Airbag is a 20x20-foot inflatable bag covered in vinyl you can jump on from a raised platform., Plus, there's a diagonal wall trampoline 20 feet long you can bounce off of. We have Toddler Time for little ones to crawl around on the expanse of it, and Cosmic Jump for ages nine to 12.

How are you faring with the current restrictions on indoor spaces? What changes have you put into place?

We are focused on mandates from the county and state. Players over four have to wear a mask, as well as all guests, spectators and staff. We have extra cleaning stations and extra employees with spray bottles. We're separating age groups more. Toddler Time used to be every day and now it's four days a week and earlier in the day.

Have you had to eliminate any programs due to the pandemic rules?

We have paused our Kids Night Out, a drop-off night for the four-to-ten age group. Parents are more cautious now about who their kids are playing with. Birthday parties have been adjusted for capacity and we are stricter about time frames.

Why do you think families in Central Oregon voted Mountain Air Best of the Nest?

Consistency. Our staff understands this isn't just a place to clock in and out. They are invested in everything we do. The minute a customer walks in, we're focused on what level of service they're getting for the money they're paying and we're hopeful they'll return.

Do you think any of the changes will stay in place once the pandemic restrictions are lifted?

One thing this has taught us is resilience. We've had a chance to look at our model and see how we can improve. There are definitely things we won't abandon once we're back to normal. Right now, we're in great shape, in a good position to grow this year.

Mountain Air Trampoline Park
20495 Murray Rd #150, Bend

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