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Who Eats Orange?
by Dianne White Illustrated by Robin Page


Have you ever thought about the colors you eat? White's new picture book engages readers to think about animals and the rainbow of colors in their diets. Readers will discover the colorful foods eaten by a variety of animals including giraffes, hippos, raccoons, bears and more!Some are obvious—a bunny eating an orange carrot or a gorilla eating green leaves. The "Who else eats..." sections will have readers laughing and guessing aloud. "Who else eats orange? Goats." The animals are beautifully illustrated and filled with bright colors. Explore a few unusual animals too, and munch along with a brown marmot or a green and red quetzal. Are you getting hungry? A "Who Eats Food?" page of resources is provided in the back of book. A fabulous picture book for all ages to read aloud.


Cook with Amber: Fun, Fresh Recipes to Get You in the Kitchen 
by Amber Kelley

Are you having fun in the kitchen? Kelley, only 15 years old, has filled her cookbook with new ideas and award-winning recipes that will make cooking at home fun and rewarding, especially for teens.

Start out with her "Tips for Beginner Cooks" including "Cook Foods That You Want to Eat" and "Go Simple." Her easy-to-follow recipes are filled with personal experiences about school lunches, family and how to enjoy leftovers. Try the Fizzy Fruit or Zucchini Puffs! The Family Meals section offers yummy choices such as Mom's Creamy Chicken Stew and Nan's Okonomiyaki (Savory Japanese Pancake). The delicious photographs show off the dessert that will "satisfy your sweet tooth." Bonus: Watch one of the videos from her Cook with Amber YouTube channel. Kelley says her career has been "a gateway to so many things—energy, fun with friends and family, a strong body..." Readers will appreciate the young author's passion for getting other kids to cook. What are you cooking this weekend?

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