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Editor's Note

Moving into holiday mode, let's remember how far we've come over the course of a year and be thankful. Last year, if you remember, the fear of COVID-19 prevented families from gathering in Oregon, but this year, most are gearing up for the holidays and the return of traditions. Travel is back on the table and seeing loved ones, top of the list!

With any extended time in isolation comes some depression. If things are not improving for you and you feel overwhelmed by your job and your children, you may be suffering from parental compassion fatigue. In Parenting, Annette Benedetti explains the nature of this syndrome and offers hope for all.

Editor's Note
Darris Hurst

Speaking of hope, Cascade School of Music welcomes a new music therapy program. See Health to understand what a music therapist is and the benefits of extending music to healing.

As you head out to slay your holiday list, consult our gift guide this year; we've curated a variety of stellar local products hand made by artisans who live in the Bend area.

And, if you're interested in holiday celebrations outside your traditional American bent, read Culture, where Annette Benedetti takes us on a tour of celebrations around the world.

The Pavilion skating rink is now open in Bend, with skating and hockey tournaments on the schedule. In Kids in Action, read about a talented hockey player from Bend who credits her hometown team with pushing her to the next level.

Lastly, check out Family Time for a wonderful recipe and in Community, learn about the efforts of Central Oregon's Council on Aging.

Because the opportunity to share time with loved ones was not an option last year, we won't take for granted the return of festive gatherings and loved ones pulled close.

Celebrate, treasure the moment and enjoy this happy holiday season!

Angela Switzer

One of the original members of the Source team, Angela remembers the days of ringing fax machines and crying babies when the newspaper operated out of her home. She loves all things outdoors, especially mountain biking with hubby, trail running and cooking gourmet meals, while camping in her beloved Eurovan. Her...
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