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Nothing says “Spring Green” like Saint Patrick's Day

Enjoy a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt for kidsEnjoy a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt for kids

Held every March 17, this feast day in honor of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is beloved across the country among descendents of the Irish diaspora. From festive parades to greenlit landmarks, revelers celebrate Irish culture and heritage with traditional food, drinks and games – and, of course, by wearing green to keep those pesky pinches away! 

Nothing says “Spring Green” like Saint Patrick's Day

Here in Bend, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are held across many local businesses, particularly brewpubs. This is only to be expected in a self-described “Beer Town.”

Yet for those who have traded the beer bottle for the baby bottle, St. Patrick’s Day may look a wee bit different. Who needs alcohol to have fun when you have kids? They are definitely cuter than leprechauns!

Speaking of those small, enchanted folk, did you know they love to play tricks on unsuspecting townsfolk, especially the wee young ones? One of their favorite jokes involves hiding a special treasure in an unexpected place (inside a shoe, under the dog bowl...) and setting out clues for enterprising scavenger hunters to follow.

In that vein, if you're in need of a little green inspiration, look no further than the following template to set up your own St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunt at home for your kids to enjoy. (Feel free to change the clues and locations to fit your setting). Good luck, leprechauns!


Nothing says “Spring Green” like Saint Patrick's Day

Who came last night through the window glass? 

Why, Sneaky Little Leprechauns, green as grass!

They’ve hidden a secret treasure for you to find,

Follow the clues, with your bright little mind!

Can you solve the puzzles, one by one?

Before the clock runs out, and the day is done? 

Now the first clue isn’t too hard, I think, 

For we always need to wash our hands in the...


We’re just getting started, the first clue has been found,

Now we must travel to the hottest spot around,

This is a place where Leprechauns dance around the Shire,

Here at home, the clue is by the...


I see you found clue #2! 

Surely that wasn’t very hard to do…

Fair warning, these clues will get a little bit harder

The next clue is where food is stored in the... 


Nothing says “Spring Green” like Saint Patrick's Day

Ah, clue #3 wasn’t even that tricky!

But be warned these clues will get more sticky, 

Clue #4, is right by the door, 

But which door, in all our whole home,

Why, the one that’s nearest a large, friendly, bearded...


Didn’t I tell you clue 4 would be tough?

I hope this treasure hunt isn’t too rough!

We must be extra careful when finding clue #5, 

For this clue is hidden where cars like to... 


Oh me, oh my you found clue #5!

I hope you’re feeling happy and alive!

Alas, I don’t think you’ll like clue #6,

You’ll probably think I’m playing you a trick,

Yet if you wish to find the ultimate prize,

You won’t be afraid of a few buzzing flies,

For in order to find where the next clue is stashed,

Are you willing to look in the big, outdoors,

super stinky...

Nothing says “Spring Green” like Saint Patrick's Day


Ha! I bet you thought the last clue was heaven!

Are you ready to look for Clue #7?

We’re getting close, but time is almost at an end,

I hope you have remembered to be a good friend,

The final clue is hidden somewhere in the backyard,

But I warn you, finding it will be very hard,

For this is a place children love to play, 

That narrows it down, wouldn’t you say?

Now hurry dear ones, scramble and run,

Find the last clue before our time is done! 


You found me, the final clue!

I am so very proud of you!

With brightness, and kindness, and good friendship all around,

You worked together so each clue could be found,

I thought I could trick you, but I was wrong I see,

You have bested this Leprechaun and now I must flee! 

But before I go, you have earned your Leprechaun treat,

Come back to the kitchen, where you’ll have something to eat! 

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