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Best Bike (Most Funky):

Wade Beauchamp's Tall Bike

There's no shortage of interesting/retrofitted/Burning Man/ancient/modern bikes in Bend. There are a couple folks with boom box bikes, which are inventive and festive and all that, but generally speaking, forcing your music on others is obnoxious. There are tricked-out carbon racers—road and mountain—but they cost as much as a home down payment, so we ruled those beauties out. There's only one Bend bike that actually takes cojones to ride. That bike is Wade Beauchamp's Tall Bike. The saddle is something like 9 feet high, so falling is a non-option. Hell, just getting on the damn thing is tricky and requires multiple people and feats of strength. The smartly welded Vulture Cycles contraption does, however, offer a unique vantage point. If unfamiliar, keep an eye out—it's often been spotted at July 4 Freedom Rides as well as various other cruiser crawls and other such funky events. (JW)