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It's all over now, but while the Horned Hand lasted it was—for our money—one of the best places to get tanked and see a rowdy show in Bend (see last year's Best Of). This is the last you'll read of us lamenting the closure of the controversial bar/business for a while, but we have to say, one last time, that with the loss of the Horned Hand, Bend's indie music scene took a big hit. While Horned Hand Productions still pop up occasionally, without the dimly lit, dingy home for wayward taxidermy, small touring bands are likely to skip Bend and stick to the I-5 on Northwest tours. With a final RIP to the Horned Hand we hope that established venues and perhaps a few new ones (we're looking at you, Pakit and Volcanic!) will help to continue a tradition of excellent small-batch music in Bend. Commence 21-gun salute! (BB)