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The best radio stations are diverse; they define their genre and stretch it. More important than the time of day or DJ spinning records (making playlists in this day and age) is the fact that tuning in guarantees that you'll hear something you like. 92.9 plays everything from indie rock to reggae to punk. In an hour, expect music from Gorillaz, the Violent Femmes, the Clash, Bob Marley, the Lumineers. Each DJ has a distinct personality and a style that listeners expect (Jam in your Ear on Sundays satisfies the Deadhead crowd, the Vintage Vault covers '80s new wave to '90s indie rock, and the Simmer Down Reggae Hour helps listeners do just that). While there are a few songs you can expect to hear over and over on 92.9—Pepper's "No Control" comes to mind—the station does a good job of peppering in the repeatable hits while helping listeners discover new musical genres and artists and providing a comprehensive listing of local live music performances. (BB)