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Most Unique Subaru:

The Orange Beast

In the Pacific Northwest, the land of Subarus, it's hard to stand out as an owner of said Japanese all-wheel-drive vehicle. There are obvious eras of Outback station wagons, noticeable by their gradual increase in size and horsepower. But the real gems are the older models. Remember the stumpy little Justy? Its short wheelbase and four-wheel control made it an off-road monster. Or how about the highly coveted Brat, which featured an El Camino-style truck bed behind its business-up-front sedan shell—it was like the mullet of all-wheel drive vehicles. While there are a number of exceptional and well-maintained Justys and Brats in Bend, we have to give the nod to the burnt orange, jacked-up, mud tire-sporting station wagon that you've no doubt seen rallying around town. If for no other reason than it's highly recognizable among its vanilla siblings. (JW)