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Best Bloody Mary

Victorian Cafe

It's not hard to imagine a mad bartender stitching together all the parts of the Victorian Café's meal-in-a-glass Bloody Mary, then throwing some kind of electrifying switch to inject the libation with spicy goodness as devious laughs flood the kitchen. The drink is one wicked concoction.

Made with a hefty dose of infused pepper vodka, a sort of food-Jenga game towers over the tomatoe beverage. It includes everything from a blackened shrimp to pepper jack cheese and andouille sausage, not to mention a few vegetables and a crunchy breadstick.

The 23-ounce Proud Mary has been a Victorian Café staple breakfast refresher since 2011. It is the single most photographed menu item found on the restaurant's Yelp profile as well being a star on Instagram. Patrons are often compelled to brag about being served a small brunch inside an alcoholic beverage.

Of course, for those who'd rather wash down a more traditional meal with a standard beverage, The Vic—as the eatery is known—also has an extremely tasty protein-less version of its Bloody Mary, giving its menu appeal to the sane as well as mildly insane breakfast connoisseur in us all. (EM)