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Best Fine Dining & Best Service


Not surprisingly "fine dining" and "great service" go hand in glove. And, not surprisingly, Zydeco was chosen by our readers for both categories.

Open and airy, with simple, clean and confident décor, Zydeco imports the best of big-city attitude to the High Desert—the coolness of an LA restaurant, the sly sass of a San Francisco bistro and the youthful bustle of a Portland neighborhood restaurant. Its food matches such urbane sensibilities, presenting both simple offerings (artisan breads with tasty, salted olive oil) and clever dishes (the popular barbecue shrimp that knows exactly how far to pull its spiciness punches). And the pleasant and knowledgeable (and, let's be frank, cute) servers underscore the confident elegance at Zydeco. If you allow us to choose a "Best Of Team" as a subcategory within "Best of Service," let's raise our glasses to the bartenders, who are friendly in the way bartenders should be; that is, they seem to possess that innate sense of when to linger at your elbow like an empathetic best friend, when to provide just enough company, or when to steer clear and let you and your date enjoy some space. (PB)