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Donner Flower Shop

Since its opening more than a century ago in 1911, Bend's go-to flower shop has been run solely by women. This makes it not only one of the oldest continually run businesses in town, but undoubtedly the oldest female-owned and run business in Bend, a tradition in its own right. Today, Donner Flower Shop continues to deliver designer flower arrangements, pulling from European and contemporary arrangement techniques. In addition, the shop offers a variety of indoor plants—including air plants, succulents and orchids—as well as interior décor and gifts perfect for any occasion. Since its 100th anniversary, the store has been located in a fabulous house on Newport Avenue, fit for a historic registry. Any visit will be sure to fill you with a sense of local pride. Stop by to check out the locally sourced dahlias that have just come into season, and keep an eye out for a storewide end-of-summer sale. (KS)