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Best Hangover Food

D&D Bar and Grill

Kurt Armstrong

The D&D takes pride in the fact that they mix the stiffest drink in town while also serving the best hangover food, no matter the time of day. It is comforting to know that it's possible to get obliterated and then build it right back up again all under the same roof.

"The fact that we make as many things as possible in-house, like the gravy, biscuits, corned beef and hash browns, makes it easy for us to keep things consistent," longtime bartender Buck Bales tells me.

That gravy is a soul Band-Aid, filling in the cracks the night before has made. The entire breakfast menu, along with the Baja Burger, The Fatman and a few other choice selections, can make the worst hangover into the best morning, although, I'll admit, it also can tend to lead to more drinking.

"It's comfort food like mom and grandma used to make when you needed to feel better... and it's just good greasy diner food!," says Bales. He's not wrong. (JR)

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