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Best Happy Hour

900 Wall

Kurt Armstrong

While it's a rare treat to be excused from my desk during typical happy hour hours (who gets off work at 4 pm?!), I've made the hard-driven sacrifice to try just about every discounted eating and drinking scenario I could reasonably get my mouth around in Bend. As far as quality and bang-for-my-buck is concerned, the hands-down favorite is 900 Wall.

A treat because on a lowly journalist's budget, a full-scale meal that can easily run into the triple digits (don't judge me, I drink a lot of cocktails) is out of my budget all but once or twice a year. The happy hour options at 900 Wall offer an airtight way to try a variety of options on the mouth-watering menu without wanting to throw myself off the restaurant's delicately decorated balcony after looking at my check. Ranging from $1.50 for an oyster on the half shell, but not extending over $11, and running the gamut of delicious salads, fried green beans and even a pretty delightful burger, plus rare-for-Bend specialties like Carpaccio, ceviche and chicken liver pate, uh...what was I saying? Now I'm just thinking about the delicious, delicious menu.

Add a freshly squeezed greyhound or a glass of totally not box wine for just $5-$6 and you've got an unbeatable meal at an unbeatable price. Happy hour is 3-6 pm daily. (BB)