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Westside Shorty's

As a single parent of an almost-five-year-old, I know how agonizing it can be to find top-notch childcare. So here ya go, parents: Whether you're looking for just a couple weekdays sans kiddos, or you're virtually in need of a pseudo-mom, Westside Shorty's tops our list for outstanding childcare.

Open year-round for children ages three to seven, the state-licensed preschool stands out with its ADD-friendly "rotating schedule," keeping the little shorties on their toes with age-tailored manipulatives, outdoor playtime and an arts & crafts room guaranteed to expose your child's inner Jackson Pollock. Did I mention hearty meals are provided?

And the qualified folks at Westside Shorty's love what they do. Accustomed to seeing some children more than 50 hours a week, the staff truly strives to encourage individuality, enhance social skills and basically offer a one-big-happy-family second home for your sweet pea (in a non-"The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" kind of way). (TT)