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Best Western Wear

Cowgirl Cash

Kurt Armstrong

Cowgirl Cash is not a traditional western wear store–it's a BEND western wear store, and owner Rebecca Charlton understands the difference. After all, she comes from a long line of Central Oregon cowgirls. Her mother, Jeannie Smith, was the Deschutes Rodeo Queen in 1962, and Cowgirl Cash pays homage to her spirit, offering clothes, boots and accessories that are beautiful, but most importantly, are always authentic and practical. You won't find brands available at the mall here. Instead, for the last five years Rebecca has offered vintage and unique items that are time-tested (Great Western, Pendleton, and other iconic Oregon brands), local (vintage-style swimsuits made in Portland), or handmade (gorgeous dresses created by Bend artisans). What Rebecca is offering is far more than simple rodeo duds—it's a western lifestyle, with an important emphasis on making a conscious choice about what you wear, something that Bend customers appreciate! Boot lovers especially will find plenty of reasons to kick up their heels at Cowgirl Cash. (CH)

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